CQC Covid Infection Control Inspection 2021

On 18th February 2021, St Vincent's received a non-rated CQC Covid Infection Control Inspection. Its purpose was to check we were looking after the safety of our residents and staff. For these inspections, no rating is given, but it mirrored our previous CQC Good rating.
CQC Covid Infection Control Inspection

We were pleased to receive some great comments from our inspectors at our recent CQC Covid Infection Control Inspection, and are very happy to share their key findings here:

“We found the following examples of good practice:

  • Staff took time to talk with people and explain the importance of social distancing
  • The dining room had several large patio windows that opened onto the garden. These areas had been used for relatives to safely visit their loved ones in-between periods of lockdown
  • An enclosed pod with floor to ceiling perspex was being constructed in the garden for future visits from relatives
  • The registered manager had purchased four iPads and additional mobile phones, to facilitate people being able to see and speak to their relatives during lockdown
  • Two new members of cleaning staff had been employed during the pandemic. This ensured seven day a week cover
  • The cleaning regime involved regular deep cleaning, cleaning of high touch areas and areas that were frequently used for example, door handles
  • All staff had completed internal and external training and refresher training in infection prevention and control, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and specific Covid-19 awareness training
  • The registered manager had continued with regular supervisions and used these meetings to reinforce the latest guidance relating to all these issues
  • Managers conducted a daily walk around of the home which included checking that staff were using PPE correctly and that the home was clean throughout
  • A dedicated room on the ground floor was being used for all staff and visitors to enter and exit. Everyone completed a health questionnaire and had temperatures taken before putting on full PPE
  • Several PPE stations were seen throughout the home and foot pedal operated bins for disposal of used PPE were in everyone’s bedrooms”

n.b. CQC Covid Infection Control Inspections are not rated, but are intended to check that good processes and practices are in place.