Joanne Freeman

Jo started her career at St. Vincent’s when she was just 16 and her rise through the ranks is an inspiration to all her lovely, dedicated team. She has a wealth of experience in residential care and her ethos of ‘kindness first’ is at the heart of everything we do. We’re also proud that her family-like team members have been with us a long time and, having learned from Jo, are also known for their kindness.

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Care Team Emma Freeman

EMMA Freeman
DEPUTY Manager

Emma is another of our long-standing team members and has been with St.Vincent’s since 2008, originally as a domestic cleaner. She loved the kindness she saw so switched to becoming a Carer, getting her NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Health and Social Care. During her time as Senior Carer she completed her Team Leading & Management award was promoted to Deputy when she completed her NVQ Level

Nathalie Dineley
Senior Carer

Nathalie joined the team in 2019 as a domestic. Since then, Nathalie has worked her way up to Housekeeper, taking on extra responsibilities and mentoring her fellow domestics. Nathalie then expressed an interest in caring, in which she shined. Nathalie showed such promise that when the position of senior carer became available, we jumped at the chance to offer her the position. Well done, Nathalie! With her friendly and winning smile, she is much loved by our residents. Nathalie already has a Level2 in Health and Social care and is looking forward to starting her Level 3, now she is senior. Her ethos is all about improvement – the better she is, the better she can care for our lovely residents. She has a kind, thoughtful, dedicated approach to her work, and reflects our philosophy for continuous improvement and for being known for kindness in all we do.
The Team -Nathalie Dineley


Recruitment and retention play vital roles in ensuring the success and excellence of a care home. With a strong focus on attracting and retaining skilled and compassionate individuals, care home can create a nurturing environment that enhances the well being of residents. Robust retention initiatives, such as on-going training, career advancement opportunities, and a a supportive work culture, help foster loyalty and job satisfaction among staff members. By investing in recruitment and retention, we can build dedicated teams , enhance resident experiences and promote a positive and uplifting atmosphere that truly feels like home.




Home - kindness in our hearts


We all get to the stage when life catches up with us. We offer family-like respite care, residential care and end-of-life care, delivered by kind, caring, well trained staff.

Care - Smiling lady at St Vincent's


It is our privilege to look after your loved ones in their remaining years. And we really enjoy the amazing feedback we receive from residents themselves, as well as their families and friends.
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We cater for different dietary requirements and provide home cooked meals prepared onsite.