Blog: News & updates from St. Vincent’s Bexhill

Welcome to our Blog: News & updates St. Vincent's from Bexhill about what's happening in our community will be posted here, as well as information about our CQC Inspections, recommendations and good reviews.
Blog: News and updates from St. Vincent's Bexhill, Location Bexhill Seaside

Welcome to our Blog: News & updates from St. Vincent’s Bexhill. We hope you will visit this Blog regularly to find out what’s happening at St. Vincent’s, as well as checking the latest information about our CQC inspection reports, recommendations and new reviews from the families of our residents.

We will also post information here about room vacancies, the way in which we are welcoming new residents, how family and friends can visit and how we will gradually relax the restrictions we have adopted to keep our residents, staff and their families safe and well.

After reading our blog: News & updates from St. Vincent’s, you do have questions, please do call us. If you would like to arrange a virtual tour, we’ll also be very pleased to help you.