Food tasting activities keep our residents busy!

We absolutely love thinking of new and varied activities to keep our residents busy! In the warm weather, they’ve loved nothing better then sitting out in the sunshine and having an ice lolly – or 3! Lol!

To be honest, our residents love anything that involves food and drink! We recently tried a chocolate tasting, where they all had to guess which flavour we’d given them. There was Turkish delight, mint, orange, peanut and coconut… The Turkish delight did not go down well with anyone and the peanut butter was a complete mystery to all – but we all had lots of fun and laughter trying to guess!

In the past we have tried other tasting sessions like exotic fruit, old fashioned sweets, different flavoured yoghurts, different types of sausages, and many more.

We love that our residents are always game and will try anything once – or twice if it is particularly delicious!

Other activities are available too though and we have just invested in a new Bingo set and residents have decorated clay figures for the garden. Painting is also extremely popular – we seem to have some new Picassos in the making!

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